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RET control-visc Magnetic stirrer

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external temperature sensor and 5-ft detachable power cord with plug.

This innovative unit offers the most advanced features within the market today, providing you the ability to monitor your sample activity more accurately. Monitor and weigh samples up to 2 kg using the integrated weighing function. Built-in BNC connector allows you to attach an electrode for analyzing and adjusting the pH of your sample. Set hot plate temperature up to 644°F (340°C) and observe the actual temperature of the sample with the temperature probe. Easily examine all parameters on the alphanumeric graphical TFT LCD with excellent image quality, easy-to-use navigation control, torque trend, and timer/countdown functions.

Round stainless steel top provides quick and effective heat transfer to your samples. Improved heat control technology increases safety, while hot top indicator warns users to help prevent burns and injuries. Utilize the adjustable, from 122 to 698°F (50 to 370°C), over-temperature safety circuit to protect samples from overheating. Built-in RS-232 interface allows direct connection to a PC for control and documentation of trials for later study.