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LAV-10 High Vacuum Pump, 10CFM, 110V/220V

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Two Stage: Produces 1-micron ultimate Pressure

Rotary Sliding Vane: Provides 283 liter per minute (10cfm) capacity and operates quietly

Direct Drive: Reduces space needed

Gas Ballast: Helps purge moisture from vacuum system

Trap: Reduces risk of oil sucked back into the system

This direct drive pump provides the best Performance/Cost Ratio available today. Comes complete with initial supply of High Vacuum Pump Oil. Ready to Operate

Our reliable, rotary vane type, low cost two-stage high vacuum pump operates quietly. Available in 3cfm (cubic feet per minute), 5cfm, 7cfm, 10cfm. All pumps are also available in 220V. The motor is ½ horepower and features 1725 RPM. The hose barb is 3/8” OD for 3/8” ID tubing on the 3cfm and 5cfm models and 1/2” OD for 1/2” ID tubing on the 7cfm and 10cfm. Operating temperature is 30º F to 170ºF. Ideal for use with vacuum ovens, bell jars, desiccators, and many more applications. Pumps achieve an ultimate vacuum of 25 microns in laboratory conditions.

Tubing with 2ea. hose clamps, 1/2"ID. For use with all Fischer Technical "LAV" series high vacuum pumps.

High Vacuum Pump Oil
Designed specifically for use with Fischer Technical Company High Vacuum Pumps. This non-detergent high vacuum pump oil is hydro processed to attain its stable, viscous and refined properties. This process also results in a clear mineral oil that will alert of contamination sooner if the oil becomes milky or cloudy.

High Vacuum Grease
This vacuum grease helps provide a proper seal between the vacuum pump plate and the bell jar so that high vacuum pressures can be achieved.

"The Tank" Oil Change System
All vacuum pumps require changing oil after every use. Contaminated oil, laden with moisture and acid will damage pumps and shorten pump life. On top of that, deep vacuums cannot be achieved with contaminated oil. Maintaining clean oil in your pump will ensure that your pump will operate at peak efficiency. No More Mess & Spills Environmentally Friendly! The Tank is Easy to Use: Turn black cap counterclockwise to open. Place vacuum pump in the cradle and drain pump. Once the pump has finished draining, turn the black cap clockwise to close after every use. Holds up to 5 oil changes.

Vacuum Gauge and Fittings
Bourdon tube vacuum gauge and fittings to add to your Fischer Technical company LAV series high vacuum pumps. Ships complete with gauge, fittings, and sealant.