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Kartell Desiccators and Plates

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  • Unbreakable plastic desiccator cabinets
  • Polycarbonate cover takes 8-10mm tubing
  • Polypropylene base and plates

Implosion proof desiccators. Will take vacuum of -740 mm Hg with loss (absolute zero: -760 mm/HG) not exceeding 20 mm Hg in 24 hours. The transparent polycarbonate cover seals onto a neoprene ‘0’ ring set into the flange of the PP base. A little grease spread on the ‘0’ ring will assist in establishing initial vacuum.

Within the desiccator is a removable pan for holding a drying agent. Vacuum release tap/non return valve assembly is included (Art. 229); specially grooved stopper in this assembly allows air, when required, to be re-admitted very slowly to avoid disturbing the contents.

Usage Instructions:

  1. remove the cover in PC - insert the samples in the pan
  2. open the vacuum retention valve (PE needle) connect the tube of the pump to the dessiccator spigot in order to create vacuum
  3. close the vacuum retention valve