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Intelligent Vibra Laboratory Prime Analytical Balance, 220g x .0001g (0.1mg) -External Calibration

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The Vibra HT-224 is a high-tech balance with Vibra Tuning Fork Technology and bright LCD display. The tuning fork technology needs not warm up time, so you can simply turn on the balance and start weighing.
The Vibra HT series has Se-CAL function as standard, meaning that the balance can perform self-calibration fully automatically according to pre-installed conditions (elapsed time or temperature change). It makes sure that the balance is always in appropriate condition for accurate weighing operation.
The easy RES function offers a simple way to adjust the response speed of the balance with one touch of the SET key. It also has a very short stabilization time and stable indication thanks to the tuning fork sensor.
The simple structure makes the balance easy to clean with easy disassembly and reassembly if objects are spilled during weighing operation.
The standard connectivity with the Vibra HT series is RS232C output, so it can be easily connected to a printer, PC or other outside devices.