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EZgrip HDPE Carboy, 40 L, HDPE, Translucent, VersaCap

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Life Sciences' EZgrip Carboy is an advanced fluid handling system developed with the end-use in mind. The ergonomically designed EZgrip body is coupled with our VersaCap technology to provide the user an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean carboy.

The EZgrip HDPE Carboy is made for a translucent USP Class VI, FDA Grade resin, with excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for most buffers and reagents as well as powders and solids.

The EZgrip Carboy's body includes design features that allow the user to easily hold and manipulate during lifting, filling , and pouring, while VersaCap technology provides interchangeable, leak-proof top connections. The EZgrip Carboy features include large top handles, molded hand grips in the base, easy-to-read metric graduation marks certified to ±5% accuracy, and the carboy material molded into the side for easy identification.

The EZgrip HDPE Carboy offers an EZfil 120mm neck for easier filling and cleaning. This is available on 20L and 40L models.

  • VersaCap technology provides the flexibility of interchangeable connectors
  • EZgrip body features advanced ergonomic design
  • EZfil features a wide-mouth design for easy filling and cleaning
  • VersaBarb technology provides interchangeable spigot options

  • Do not use carboys under pressure or vacuum
  • Do not use carboys at a temperature greater than the rated maximum
  • Do not store oxidixing agents in carboys
  • Do not flame carboy
  • Do not use carboy spigot as a handle
  • Do not use for long-term storage of strong organic compounds