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Close-It Tape

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Close-it Tape - for holes and tears in bags or sack like packaging

Close-it Tape is available in rolls of 50 meters. Use "Standard'' product for non food items such as chemical bags and use "Food" tape for food item packaging. The "Food" tape has an adhesive that is food compatible. Use on paper, burlap and other typically adhesive repellant surfaces.

Close-it Tape has an extremely strong adhesive strength and will stick to many diverse substrates. White in color with gridded dots for cutting, it can be labeled with permanent ink.

Use a small piece for closing a small hole or for marking a specific point. Or repair a large hole or a long tear quickly, reliably and easily.

Supplied in the proven size of 95 x 95 mm in rolls each with 500 control seals or in 150 x 150 mm in rolls of 250 seals.