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Workstation MIDI Organizer White PVC

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$94.50 - $94.50
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  • Three shelves, sixteen compartments hold weigh papers, boats, pipettes, spatulas, calculators and more
  • Built in wiper holds boxes of Kimwipes or Accuwipes wipers
  • Seven hole tool holder for pens, pencils, pipettes, NMR tubes or other tall, thin items
The best 16" of gear on the lab bench with built-in wiper holder. Easy-to-clean PVC. The lab bench top always has a plethora of supplies and tools on it because it's where you work. Organizing, protecting and being able to find things when you need it can make your job a lot easier. Small benchtop storage like the medium Weighing Organizer featured here, hold, sort, protect and encourage neatness and added lab safety. With a variety of sized compartments, durable construction and flexible design you can perfect a special work area easily.