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Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags | Polypropylene Screw Cap Combo Valve

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Tedlar® gas sampling bags are recommended in many US EPA methods including TCLP and methods TO-3 (VOCs), TO-12 (NMOC), TO-14A (VOCs), TO-15 (VOCs), ASTM D-5504 (reduced sulfur compounds) and a variety of atmospheric gas methods. Our Tedlar® bags are an excellent value and offer several features over competitor versions.


  • Unique valve and seam-sealing process ensure bags sturdy and leak-proof under most demanding sampling conditions
  • Superior 2-mil Dupont Tedlar® material for superior inertness and impermeability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Two valve fitting options available - Push/Pull Lock (PLV) and Screw Cap Valve (SCV) w/Thermogreen LB-2 septa installed inside the valve.