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Stainless Steel Filter Holder 100mL

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Rocker's stainless steel filter holders are all made of stainless steel #316, able to be fast sterilized by flame, much time is saved rather than autoclave when applied on microbiology test. In addition, they are suitable for various sample filtration, such as suspended solid test in waste water and applications requiring chemical resistant.

When unpacking, make sure the below items are included:

  1. Upper cup, 1 ea.
  2. Base part with stopper, 1 ea.
  3. Frit (SS support screen), 1 ea.
  4. Instruction manual, 1 ea.

Assembling the holder:

  1. Seat the frit in the cup base.
  2. Place appropriate filter on the frit.
  3. Insert the bottom of cup through gaps of the base and fit the cup gently.
  4. A whole filter holder is assembled.
  5. Insrt the stem filter holder into filter flask or manifold for next application.