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PALL Teflo Membrane Disc Filters, 2µm Pore Size, 37mm Diameter

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This Teflo PTFE membrane offers a unique PMP (polymethylpentene) support ring for PM10 & PM2.5 Dichotomous & other air sampling instruments. The R2PJ037 Membranes are 2µm pore size, 37mm diameter with the PMP support ring. The typical thickness is 46µm (1.8mils) with a typical air flow rate of 53lpm/cm2 at 0.7bar (70kPa, 10psi) and a typical aerosol retention of 99.99% following ASTM D2986-95A 0.3µm (DOP) at 32lpm/100cm2 filter media.