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MultiVac 310-MS, 3-Places Aluminum Manifold

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Applications :
Filtration for suspended solid test
Filtration for microbiology test
General laboratory filtration

Features :
Light and handy aluminum design
All parts of MultiVac 310-MS is made of anodized aluminum, that make it light, cost-effective and autoclavable.

Easy change connectors for the vacuum tubing
The tubing to the vacuum source can be connected to the other side of manifold.


Individual control valve
Each branch permits individual control.

Compatible with different sizes of filter holders
MultiVac 310-MS manifold include no.8 silicone stoppers which is available to fit various types of filter holders at option.

Number of branch: 3
Filter diameter: Optional
Funnel capacity: Optional
Effective filtration area : Optional
Port thread (I.D. tubing): 5/16 inch (8mm)
Dimension (LxWxH):47x13x16 cm

Body: Aluminum
Control valve: Aluminum
Handle: Aluminum
Hose barb: Aluminum