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Multi-Canister Sampling Adapter

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Model 912 Multi-Canister Sampling Adapter

The Xonteck Model 912 Multi-Canister Sampling Adapter is designed to route air samples to or from up to 16 canisters. The 912 is controlled by a Xonteck Model 901 to step its internal rotary valve from canister to canister at a user-selected rate and order.

The 912 can automatically advance its valve position to the correct canister port after power failure recovery. The selected valve position is automatically leak check prior to sampling, creating a pass or failure status on the Model 901.


● Meets all PAMs and TO-14A/TO-15 requirements
● User selectable sample switch time
● Front panel with connected position indicator and control
● Easy to install, operate, and maintain
● Stainless steel, Teflon® and Viton® wetted surfaces, certified clean*

Port Selection: VICI 16 port valve with electric actuator. Stainless steel and inert nonporous fluoropolymer construction. 1/8”, stainless steel, zero dead volume, fittings.

Time Base Accuracy: 0.01% for 0 to 70℃

Position Display: common cathode, right hand decimal, red, 3” LED display.

Sample Inlet: 1/8” tube fitting
Outlet to Canister: 1/8” tube fitting

Power: 115V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz(optional).

Dimensions: 7”(H)×19”(W) ×13”(D)

Weight: 14lbs