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Met One Aerocet-532 Mass Particle Counter/Dust Monitor

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2-in-1 performance!

Particle Mass Profiler and Counter in a Single Handheld Unit
The Aerocet 531S is a small, handheld, battery operated, and completely portable unit. This unit provides particle counts or mass PM measurements as stored datalogged values, real-time networked data, or printed results.

Six Mass Ranges and Four Particle Sizes
Six important mass size ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM7, PM10, and TSP) are displayed in mass mode as well as four popular cumulative particle sizes (> 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 and10.0 microns) in count mode.

Tailored Mass Conversion
The particle counts from eight size ranges are converted to mass using a proprietary algorithm for typical-density aerosols. Accommodation for special particulate with different densities is provided through user–programmable "K-factors."

Flexible Data Interfaces
The Aerocet 531S stores up to 6,257 records. These records can be viewed on the display, or transferred to a computer via USB or RS232. Our included Comet download utility makes file transfers easy. Data files can easily be imported into an Excel® formatted output.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Option
A plug-and-play option that immediately adds ambient temperature and relative humidity capabilities to the displayed and logged data.

Aerocet 531S
Mass Particle Counter/
Dust Monitor


OPERATING PRINCIPLE Counts individual particles using scattered laser light and calculates the equivalent mass concentration using a proprietary algorithm
Mass Mode
Mass Concentration Ranges PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM7, PM10, and TSP
Concentration Range 0 – 1000 ug/m3
Sample Time – Mass Mode 1 minute
Particle Mode
Particle Size Range Four channels—0.5, 1.0, 5.0 and 10.0 μm
Concentration Range 0 – 3,000,000 particles per cubic foot (105,900 particles/L)
Sample Time – Particle
1 minute
Accuracy ± 10%, to calibration aerosol
Sensitivity 0.5 μm
Flow Rate 0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm)
Light Source Laser diode, 90 mW, 780nm
Power 7.4V Li-ion battery pack—provides 20 hours of typical intermittent operation, up to 10 hours continuous use
AC Adapter/Charger L-ion battery charger, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A
Communications RS-232, USB
Particle Certifications Meets or exceeds CE and ISO21501
Mass Certifications Requires proper use of appropriate K-factors for material being measured
Display 16-character x 4-line LCD
Keyboard 7-key membrane type
Size Height = 6.25" (15.9 cm) Width = 4.0" (10.2 cm) Thickness = 2.1" (5.4 cm)
Weight 2 lb – 32 oz (0.9 kg)
Operating Temperature 0° to +50°C
Storage Temperature -20° to +60°C
Supplied Operation Manual
Custom Serial Cable
USB Cable
Communication Software (Comet)
AC Adapter / Battery Charger
Isokinetic Sample Probe
Carrying Case
Zero Particulate Filter