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Ambient Air Sampler, Model 910

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Model 910 Canister Sampler

The Xonteck Model 910 Canister Sampler is a new features manual sampler that is designed to collect volatile organic compounds in ambient air. The method is based on collection of whole air samples into "Summa" electropolished canisters as outlined in USEPA TO-14A/TO-15 Methods.


● Low cost – manual sampler
● Meets all PAMs and TO-14A/TO-15 requirements
● Convenient display layout for manual data recording
● Mass flow controller maintains constant and adjustable flow rate
● Digital display of flow rate
● Stainless steel, Teflon® and Viton® wetted surfaces, certified clean*
● Automatic system purge prior to sampling
● Easy installation, operation and maintenance

Sample Flow Control: Porter Model 201, Mass Flow Controller, typically 0-20,0-50,0–100sccm or customer specified, accuracy and linearity to ±1% of full scale.

Sample Flow Adjustment: precision potentiometer with turning number indicator, maximum turns 10, resistance range 0Ω - 5kΩ, tolerance to ± 5 %.

Display: Digital Panel Meters, 0.56” LED display.

Sample Hours Display: time totalizer, 8 digit LCD display with 999999.99 hour capacity, resolution 0.01 hour.

Timer: 24 hour, 7 days electronic timer module with switching status indication, LCD display, 0.35”.

Internal Sample Pump: AD B161 diaphragm pump, SS single head, max pressure 29.2 psig, max vacuum 23.0”Hg, max flow 7.6 lpm.
Pressure Gauges:
Canister Pressure: U.S. Gauge, dial size 2-1/2”, range 30”Hg-0-30 psig, minor graduation 2”Hg(30”Hg-0), 1psig(0-30psig), accuracy ±3-2-3% of span (Grade B).
Pump pressure: U.S. Gauge, dial size 2”, range 0-30 psig, minor graduation 1 psig, accuracy ±3-2-3% of span (Grade B).

Pump Pressure Adjustment: Swaglok SS Medium-Flow Angle-Pattern Metering Valve, 1/8” end connection.

Inlet: 1/4” tube fitting
Outlet: 1/8” tube fitting
Bypass: 1/8” tubing fitting

Power: 115V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz(optional).

Dimensions: 7”(H)×19”(W) ×13”(D)