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Don’t take any chances – protect your laboratories and the people in them from dangerous gases and toxic vapors by supplying your labs with PIDs – or Photo-Ionization Detectors – for gas detection. For your convenience and ease of portability, New Star Environmental carries personal PID Gas Detectors by Ion Science that are wearable, and with some of the speediest response times, these detectors will immediately alert you when there is exposure to hazardous gases and vapors for longer than pre-set limits. Explore this page for Portable PID Gas Detectors that include: Cub PPB Personal PID Gas Monitors, Cub Tac Personal PID Gas Monitors, Falco Fixed VOC Detectors, GasCheck G gas leak detectors, Ion Science Tiger Kits and detectors, Titan Fixed Benzene Detector, plus, Cub Docking Stations, and more.

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